How do you choose your materials?

We choose our materials very carefully. We aim to use material carrying certificates according to our strict guidelines as OEKO-TEX, GOTS and other certificates. Most importantly we choose fabrics which are feeling soft against the skin and long lasting.

How can i help to make fashion more sustainable?

Choosing the right material will help you enjoying your  garment longer. Fast fashion items usually are designed to be used only for a few seasons on the other hand companies like ours are committed to create long lasting items. Try to limit the number of new clothes you are purchasing each season and add only few items complementing your existing wardrobe to avoid having cloth you are not wearing regularly.

Will there be new T-shirt designes or any other clothing items?

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When and how can i change my order?

You can change the order by sending us an email on: info@baleine.bleue.com within 30 minutes after your purchase.

When my order will be charged?

Your order will be charged when it ships.